1. I am an artist / producer / promoter, how can i get music to you?

    Send us an email with the tune in good mp3 quality and some infos about it to reggaejam at gmail.com
    Jingles and Dubplates could help your airplay ;-)

  2. Like your music very much, where can i find a playlist? Is there something like tuned now?

    As we only play mixtapes or live we got no song names in title. If you like to know a tune of a mixtape google for the title or if you do not find anything or we are streaming live ask in the Chat. Be polite and patient while waiting for an answer.

  3. is every thing that i tune in to live or is it prerecorded

    it can be live or a mixtape...
    easy way to check it:
    go in the reggaejam chat and type !dj there
    to see if someone is live onair.

  4. Is there a program of whats coming up on reggaejam? like a calendar which used to be there?

    A calendar or streamguide will be available soon. We are working on it!

  5. When will the Summerjam stream be available for download?

    We are not allowed to provide a download of this stream because its gonna be sold in the Summerjam shop soon.

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